Nautilus Ponds Inc. (NPI) develops and tests advanced environmental design solutions for use in projects where it is a requirement to collect and provide basic treatment for stormwater runoff.  Clients in need of such solutions include those in the industrial and land development sectors where obtaining new construction permits and/or demonstrating compliance with existing permits requires the implementation and monitoring of performance based stormwater treatment environments.

Our goal is to become a leader in the industry by developing and testing new and promising stormwater treatment technologies beginning with the Nautilus Pond™.  We accomplish this goal both by providing a clear innovative vision and by working closely with leading technical service providers to advance that vision.

NPI provides value by making new technologies such as the Nautilus Pond™ available to clients via technology licensing agreements.  Contact us if you are interested in deploying a Nautilus Pond™ in your project.


Dedicated to developing and testing enhanced stormwater treatment environments.

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